Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Carsons and Cowgills in Kentucky

I am back with another amazing wedding!  I had the pleasure of acting as makeup artist for Maggie Cowgill!  She got hitched to the awesome Stephen Carson and I couldn't have been happier to be a part of their awesome wedding day.  Yep, two awesomes in that last sentence.

I met Maggie at her Mom's house in Lexington, Kentucky.  Of course, Maggie had a smile on her face the whole time I was there.  To think of it, I am not sure I have ever seen her unhappy.  Wedding jitters are certainly not enough to get her mood off kilter.

We had a wedding run-through a couple weeks earlier, so I was slightly more prepared about her preferences than most of the weddings I have done.  Everyone was a bit apprehensive about the coral lip color I had picked, so I had Maggie take it home until the wedding.  We will see how that turned out in a bit.

We got to work in a beautiful sun room overlooking the pool.  So, in lay terms, paradise.  Of course the onlookers were gorgeous!  Ok, it is my sister and niece so I may be a little biased there.

Kisses from the Father of the Bride!!!

Maggie loves a bright lip, so we decided to even out her complexion and add a coral lip.  Coral looks excellent on a fair complexion and brown hair and it certainly popped on her! (Certainly one of those gut-feeling winning situations I had)  When I do a bright lip, I follow the general rule to downplay the other features.  Maggie's beautiful eyes needed a bit of champagne eyeshadow and mascara.  Because her lid shade is naturally darker, we started with a light base.  I love the eyeshadow crayons because it gives some "sticking power" for your shadow.  

My yoga-sidebend-only-when-I-do-makeup-on-others-pose

The loot.  Yeah, there is more at home. :/

The beautiful bride!! This is Maybelline SuperStay14 Hour Lipstick in Keep Me Coral.

 Beautiful Mother of the Bride as well!

Now, for all the adorable couple photos because we've all been dying for them!

Had to stick these two cuties in here too!  P.S Carrie was pregnant in this picture!

Now for my plug.....
Check out Twine & Tinsel for your custom cake ornament!  This was Maggie and Stephen's Cake!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hitchin' at the Holiday IIIIINNNN

Ok, maybe the title was a bit much?  I am so excited to talk about my great friends, Alicia and Melody, and their wonderful wedding back in April!  Carrie and I checked in to the Holiday Inn, which somehow felt more like a cabin oasis than hotel, and I met up with Melody first.

This was another one of my no-run-through-planned-on-my-own-face-and-maybe-carries-too bridal make up sessions.  So I was prepared for several contingency plans in case Melody wanted more or less than I had planned.  She was probably the most relaxed bride I've ever seen in her adorable floral robe.  She sat there comfortably enjoying lunch and chatting with family.  I am pretty sure I was more amped about the make up than she was.  I followed the original plan and the photographer snapped some photos.  What a breeze!  We both decided to go with the basic plan and hold off on the darker liner....

......until she called me back to the room and changed her mind!  Good thing I was ready to go because I had already planned on what to do if we were gonna go more glam.  Just a tad more eyeliner and we were ready!

Then I headed off to the second bride of the day, Alicia.  I was PUMPED to put make up on Alicia because 1) she never wears make up and 2) this was the only time she was going to let me ever do this again.  Ok, maybe I'll get her drunk in the future and we will add fake eyelashes and sparkles, but that is to be determined.  I had the bare bones plan for Alicia, which is just clearing the complexion and adding some definition for the camera.  I think she was pleased!  It was very natural, which is always what I am shooting for.  Don't ask me to do your make up if you want to look like a drag queen.  Ain't gonna happen.

She looks so overjoyed......

Let's proceed with how adorable they are in a few more pictures!

Let's not forget the most awesome grandma of the night....

Oh yeah, then this happened.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Marital Bliss in Minneapolis

I had the great pleasure recently of traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend the WEDDING of my friends Gracie and Becky!  Not only was I extremely enthusiastic that two beautiful, caring women were committing their lives together but it was also completely legal!

Gracie and Becky asked me to do their make up a while back, so I had plenty of planning time.  After a skype date hammering down their wants and want nots, I went to work creating a look and trying it out on Carrie on myself a lot!  I am always very sensitive when creating a bridal look for women who do not wear make up.  Honestly, I get a better reaction every time because the overall effect is more shocking (in a good way!).

After two....two bride weddings (you get it), I had this double-bride in one day down pat!  If there are some things I've learned from weddings, its the following:

1. They are never on time....even with a schedule......and I mean never
2. Someone will be freaking out  a little nervous over the schedule not being on time
3. It all works out in the end....SIDE NOTE: this is only in my experience.  I pray that I never attend a wedding that looks like Runaway Bride (queue images of Julia Roberts)

I had the pleasure of doing Becky's mother first and everything went smoothly!  After evening the skin tone, I used my favorite shade recently, Truffle by Ulta (thanks Rebecca for getting me hooked!)  I darken the lids by lightly brushing Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Stray Dog and setting with Truffle to prevent creasing.  I popped on some light pink on the cheeks and used Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon.

Fancy Language Definitions:
Set-to cover an eyeliner with an eyeshadow to prevent the product from settling into fine lines.  Also used when covering a foundation or concealer with a powder.
Creasing-the unwanted effect of cheap makeup or improper priming when you get caking of the product in one area.

The first bride up was Becky!  I used my detailed bride sheet, so I knew all the products I would use ahead of time.  This is a good tip even if you do your own bridal makeup.  Come up with a detailed plan and write it down.  I put samples of colors next to the words to make sure I am using the correct product.  In all the wedding chaos, it is a hint of sanity.  Here is Becky's Sheet.

I am loving Benefit Stay Don't Stray Lid Primer right now.  Not only is it a matte shade, it lightens the lid which tends to be darker than the rest of the face.  I have tried drugstore eyeshadows over this primer and NOTHING will crease.  I have a little tiny sample that has lasted forever, but I run out soon.  If you can fork the $26, it is well worth the money.  If not, use your face primer on your lids like I will do once mine runs out until your birthday money comes in :)

Becky's make up went smoothly and she looked beautiful!  We went for a softer look than eyeliner by using a wet brush to apply a charcoal eyeshadow and smudging it near her lash line.  Don't be afraid to wet your brushes, use wet products on brushes (foundation), or wash your brushes with shampoo.  You cannot hurt them.

Beautiful Mother, Beautiful Daughter

Gracie and I decided on a more casual look, which included evening her skin tone and brightening her natural features.  It was a perfect fit for her!  Although I've known Gracie for a long time, I did not realize she reacted pretty much exactly like Rachel Gellar when someone gets close to her eyes.
For those of you that forgot this awesome episode:

Gracie proceeded to laugh nervously and I proceeded to laugh uncontrollably at the fact that she had to hold my arm any time I got near her eyes (which was unfortunately a lot during the time I did her makeup).  Thankfully Carrie was there snapping some photos to get the proof!
Sorry Gracers! ;)

Alright enough talk......Here are some beautiful bride photos!  They got married in the gorgeous James J Hill Library.  Photos courtesy of Danica Donnelly.

Simple and Beautiful!

Love their dog, Murphy!

Stunning Wedding Party

My personal favorite!

Also a favorite! I can't choose!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Bride.....Oh wait It's Me!

Nothing creates anxiety for an amateur makeup artist like creating the perfect look for a bride on the most important day of her like, especially when the bride is YOU!  I had quite the undertaking of creating my own look the ceremony.  After about a month of going back and forth on products (and several hundred trips to Sephora and Ulta and CVS and Kroger and Walgreens and Sally Hansen Beauty Supply Store and I'm sure there were more stores), I finally decided on a look!

As many of you know, I am on a super budget since I quit my part-time job and moved to Kentucky.  I have no some income (Thanks Pops), but the products you want to use for brides are top of the line and expensive.  I was able to make several sacrifices and I also came up with some tips on the way.


They are usually experts in the field and someone in that store probably does bridal make up.  If they do not know specific information about specific products, run the other way.  On several trips to Sephora, I spoke to employees who pushed new products simply because they were new.  An example as follows:

Employee: Can I help you?
Me: Yes! I am looking for a lip stain that will last all night for a wedding.  What do you think about Product X?
Employee: It is not good.  We just got this new product!  Let me try it on you!  I will open a new package of it!  It is only $30!  It's a gloss!
Me: I'm more of a matte lip type of person.  Anything else?
Employee: No.

On another trip, I hit the jackpot....a Sephora employee who was also a Make Up Artist AND did bridal make up!  Not only did she just pour out bridal make up tips like a bucket, she also showed a lot of different products and gave me samples of the products I liked.


I scored a sample of Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder (usually runs $34) for FREE.  She gave me a whole sample pot, which would probably last for the next year. 

Other products I decided were not worth the extra money, I bought at the drug store.  This included a BB cream for Carrie and waterproof mascara.

Products I used for my look:

Smashbox Color Corrector Primer in Green (for redness)
Make Up Forever HD Foundation
Make Up Forever HD Concealer
Make Up Forever Microfinish Powder

A combination of Clinique colors from sample trios and quads I had on hand.
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Stray Dog on top lid
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy on lower water line
L'Oreal Hydrofuge Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara
Half Lashes (for the outer half of the lashes to create fullness)

Mac Pro Longwear Lip Color in Unchanging

Enough talk...here are some pics!

Courtesy of Melissa Arlena

For Carrie, I kept the make up very simple.  Some products I used include:

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Fair
Make Up Forever Microfinish Powder

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Violet

I can't wait to get more pictures, which will be available in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Danber in December

I had to pleasure of traveling to New Orleans in December to celebrate the marriage of Amber and Dane!  Carrie and I had a BLAST on this trip as we do every time we are in New Orleans.  Danber's wedding gave us the great excuse of staying in New Orleans for New Years Eve as well!

Amber needed an impromptu make up artist for the rehearsal dinner, so I grabbed the ridiculous amount of make up I brought on the trip and headed to her house.  She was looking for a natural cat eye liner, which I was a bit nervous about at first.  I can whip up liquid liner on myself no problem, but had only practiced a few times on other people (Thanks Julia and Carrie!)  The practice runs had not gone so smoothly, but I was determined to get it right under pressure.  I (and Amber) was very pleased with the outcome!  The one (great) thing about doing make up on your friends is you can use your own products.  I don't recommend it if you are trying to go professional, but I've gotten away from the formal atmosphere of make up.  On a whim you gotta use what you have!

Seriously, could they be a better looking couple?!

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL at the historic Rosy's Jazz Hall.  Great food, great people, great drinks, great time!  The wedding and reception was followed by the most awesome bar I've ever been to called Bellocq.  Adding to the awesomeness was that the bar was directly next to our hotel, SCORE! 

Beautiful Photography: Emily Newman
Beautiful Hair: Nicole Schmitt
Beautiful Make Up: McKenzie Ziegler

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm BAAAAAAAAACCKKK....for this post.

So, after an extremely long hiatus from the make up world, I was suddenly asked to do three weddings in one weekend!  I took this very obvious shove to jump on the first request...Michelle and Sarah's wedding in Austin, Texas!

Off I went to Austin October 4th to be taken in by the generous Mr. and Mrs. Fitch for the wedding weekend!  When I received Michelle's zealous wedding itinerary the day before THE DAY, I knew we might have some problems.  Let's just say the schedule went in 10 minute increments.......for several hours...........with no cushion time.  Now for anyone who has ever been behind the scenes at a wedding, you can pretty much guarantee this thing was going up in flames around 9:47am for a 6pm wedding. BUT, I was just there for support and make up when the time came!

So, I arrive at the beautiful Umlauf Sculpture Garden thirty minutes late due to heavy rush hour traffic (which luckily was right on time for the running-behind-schedule wedding party **INSERT LARGE SIGH OF RELIEF**).  I begin with the first beautiful bride, Sarah!  Unfortunately, we had not had time for a consult prior to the actual big day, so I show her some colors I plan on using and insert the general disclaimer of "We can always start over if you don't like it".  The beauty about make up is if you screw up, you can take it off and start again.  I'm not doling out tattoos here, people.  But, generally speaking, you don't want to be the cause of tears on someone's wedding day.  Well, Sarah cried alright but they were happy tears! WHEW! LARGER SIGH OF RELIEF!

Seriously, could she be any cuter!?  Alright, one bride down and one to go at this point.  But, where is Michelle?!  I finally track her down in the garden frantically getting things prepared.  After I drag her into the bridal room, we do a hands-over-eyes switcharoo to get Sarah out of the bathroom and Michelle in so I can start her make up.  Michelle wanted a simpler look and gave me a generous ten minutes (WHAT?!) do complete the make up she would wear for the biggest day of her life.  Profuse sweating has now begun.  After we finished in a jiffy while also trying to get Michelle to relax in the process, she rushed off to get this party started!! Second bride challenge a success! Now, where's my cocktail?

Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I cried more tears of joy than the wedding party combined.  Congratulations and I love you both!

Here are some photos of Rebecca Fitch and I galavanting around the beautiful city of Austin.  I also bought some authentic Texas boots, which I have not removed for months.  

Just cooking up lunch for wedding guests at the Salt Lick


Afternoon hike with Rebecca

Yes, this is for adults too.  It was an awesome ride around Zilker Park!

Random fun with the brides on my last night!